Introducing: Vergic Customer Success Program

Vergic is now introducing a Customer Success Program to help customers be even more successful both in the short and long perspective.

The Customer Success Program is focusing on ongoing interactions with open and honest dialogues. By having recurring business review meetings we get to understand more and more of the customers business and can give relevant suggestions how to use Vergic Engage for success.

Data and KPI comparison gives us the proof and road signs that we are on the right track, together.

Our goal is aligned with our customers: To create lasting value and long term relationship. We have seen a growing need of developing a more structured approach to support our customers through the entire customer lifecycle.“, says Olav Grytli, Director Customer Success at Vergic.

Olav continues: “When usage and adoption increases we will both be successful. Our goal is to help customers, see higher conversions, more efficiency per customer contact and happier end customers. Hopefully we will all have some good laughs and exciting meetings along the way which of course is really important.”

We are looking forward to talk more about success and growth and how we can get there together!

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