Vergic Engage Allows the Swedish Social Insurance Agency to Interact With More Citizens

Last spring, Vergic won the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s tender with the purpose of developing a secure and efficient platform to interact with citizens online. After carrying out a large update, the agency is now able to create better opportunities for digital meetings.


The Swedish Social Insurance Agency uses Vergic Engage to interact with visitors to the website There they can text and video chat in a secure environment, as well as share documents in what is called “Administrated Personal Web Meetings”.

Personal Private Cloud Creates New Opportunities

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency now uses the complete version of Vergic Engage and its own Private Cloud for operations.

The new Private Cloud solution improves operations and security, making it possible to provide digital support during more processes as well as during sensitive ones. The cloud solution also allows the agency to manage its own future releases independently. Not only does this also ensure that network traffic is completely separated from other organisations and companies – it also ensures that it always stays within Swedish borders.

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency is also planning to use Vergic’s chatbots, which are able to help citizens find the right information or support them during web processes.

Greater Focus on Complex Issues

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency has previously used Vergic’s “Scheduled Personal Web Meetings” and text chat features where the focus has been placed on more complex issues. The primary goal has consisted of making expertise within the organisation available to website visitors. The outcome has been very positive and the agency is now working on being able to offer more personal web meetings in other areas as well.

The Work Towards Interacting With More Citizens Continues

Rickard Janz (Vergic), who has participated in the project, has the following to say:

”I really enjoy being able to take part in the digitalisation of the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. You can clearly see the positive impact it is having on both citizens and the agency itself, as it is now possible to open your own digital channel directly on the website. Being able to connect people with each other and carry out meetings remotely in your mobile phone saves a great amount of resources for all parties involved. It is also a feature that has been developed in the right place at the right time.”

Vergic has a three-year contract with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and a three-year extension option.

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about Vergic’s view of digitalisation and how it can be used to help government agencies.