How your business benefits


Increase customer satisfaction by 20%

As most companies lose 50% of their customers every five years, retaining loyal customers is important. Not only is it 8-10 times more costly to sell to a prospective customer than to an existing one. But the best way to grow a business is to sell more to your existing customers. Loyal customers are more willing to purchase more from the same brand, pay premium prices, refer your brand to others and they are less expensive to serve. Higher levels of employee engagement correlates to higher levels of customer satisfaction. Vergic offers a rich multi-channel customer engagement tool.

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Boost sales
conversion by 50-100%

Using insights gained from a customer’s on-site behavioral data, agents can quickly present the right products or services to the right individual in real time. As well, identify and act upon upsell and cross-sell opportunities. With the platforms intuitive and easy-to-use administrator interface, your agents engage customers across your online channels (e.g., website, mobile, tablet etc.) based on actual customer behavior—no technical expertise required. It all means words like “sales” and “value creation” are more accurate than when describing your “call” and centers.

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Customer issue
resolution 50% faster

Customer engagement means significantly decreasing the amount of effort and time required to help customers and prospects resolve queries, issues, concerns or problems. When comparing average issue resolution time (or case handle times) to traditional phone-based interactions, agents using basic chat functionality are not only able to handle and resolve multiple customers at the same time. Even if an agent takes only two simultaneous chat engagements, this would effectively cut issue resolution times in half when compared to phone. Furthermore, agents are able to resolve more complex issues in a highly efficient manner. An example for the chat channel is the relative ease of resolving complex text-based information (e.g.: long instructions, complex forms, detailed html code, URLs, etc.).

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Reduce abandonment
rates by a factor of five.

Abandonment rates reflect the percentage of customers who choose to abandon or cancel their online purchase, interaction and/or support activity. Compared to dissatisfied site visitors, people who are satisfied with their online experiences are 72% more likely to purchase online, 67% will repurchase from the same retailer in the future and 69% more likely to recommend the retailer to others. Meanwhile, up to 96% of the visitors (customers or prospects) who abandon a site will never return to it. The main reason of dissatisfaction on the web? Information irrelevancy is the cause cited most often from a study that tracked the behaviour of several million Internet users on more than 5,098 websites across the globe between July 2012 to July 2013.

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