Tailored services for personal, real-time
and relevant interactions


The multichannel Vergic Engage platform is designed to help businesses and organizations make meaningful engagements with their customers within the online channel based on personal, real-time and relevant interactions. We support our customers with professionals services to ensure their implementation, role out and long-term success.

Even though the platform is world-class in simplicity, which we take pride in, we will always try to better apply this powerful solution tailored to your demands for the best and most effective results for your business.

To ensure success with your Vergic deployment, and to help you achieve future success based on your ambitions goals, we provide a range of world-class professional services. Our Team of engagement specialists brings a wealth of experience and insight, delivering comprehensive world-class services.

Integration, training, development, deployment,optimization, customization and beyond.

Whatever type and level of services you need, Vergic professional services team is able to tailor the level of service and support to exactly match your needs. We are ready to work with you either as a short- or long-term partner for:

We are ready to work with you either as a short- or long-term partner for:

  • Training and education support: we help you master all aspects of our technologies, products and APIs
  • Integration support: ensuring our customer engagement platform interacts semlesly with all of your other hardware/software components, systems and applications
  • Customization support, including: 1) Adapting customer engagement solutions for lead generation, sales conversion and customer service; 2) Adapting the platform’s dashboard, interface, technical requirements, look and feel factors (i.e. colors, navigation, menus, themes, etc.); 3) Adding specific rules, effects, features, etc. for individual agents, operators, etc.
  • Development: we help you deliver complete, ready-to-deploy features or applications
  • Optimization: ensuring your customer engagement application solutions and features run efficiently and reliably