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The secret to shortening sales cycles, increasing average order values, boosting customer satisfaction and driving increased revenue? Engage more closely with prospects and customers. Real-time online influence lets you adjust and adapt to a prospect’s or customer’s behavior immediately — and reply with the right offering, in the right communications form, right away.

Firms today are discovering how to align sales and websites to enable generate and qualify leads all with the end goal of converting more deals. This calls for intelligence capabilities to identify and monitor a potential customers interests, needs, concerns, demands and preferences. Intelligence needs to be coupled with an ability for sales to proactively engage the right prospective customer, at the right time with a highly-relevant offer. This demands ensuring prospects receive right answers to their search inquiries, and sales always has access to the most up-to-date information about a prospect . Likewise, sales should have tools that help them close deals – like instant access to experts, accurate information from the road and the ability to collaborate with peers, partners, and subject matter experts.



Sales made smarter

Vergic technology makes all this real. First, it lets you know the context a prospect’s current interest. Like ”How much time has he spent time on this topic?” or “has he downloaded document to learn all the details?” or “has he shown signs of shopping activity?”. Next, it allows you to provide personal and relevant information, inspiration and offers to stimulate decision-making and conversion processes whilst avoiding abandonment.

Our solution increases revenue through customer intelligent assistance, personalized offers and contextual promotions. It helps businesses convert prospects into buyers by proactively offering personalized promotional content or real-time assistance based on configurable business rules triggered by visitor behavior data. It also enables agents to contextually up-sell and cross-sell products in the course of customer engagements. Visitors can collaborate with a customer service agent live over the web through click-to-call, text and video chat and co-browsing to find out more facts about or even buy a product. Customers calling into a service center can be offered powerful cross-sell offers by agents using the full capability of the Vergic Engage Platform.

How Vergic Engage Platform benefits sales:

Boost sales conversion rates

  • Use insights gained from behavioral data to identify a prospective customer’s interests, needs, concerns, demands and preferences
  • Use behavioral data to present the most relevant product/service solutions
  • Identify the right individual at the right time in purchasing process
  • Act upon identified up-sell opportunities
  • Act upon identified cross-sell opportunities

More ways Vergic Engage Platform helps sales staff

The Vergic solution not only enables sales managers to replicate the real-world sales process to an online world. In fact, with superior intelligence, more engagement options, and with voice-of-the customer insights based on cumulative engagement results, the sales manager can—in many ways—do a far better job, and do it with greater efficiency through the online channel.