Let us help you Our solution is GDPR ready - are you? Let us help you Our solution is GDPR ready - are you?

GDPR and Vergic

Vergic is committed to a being compliant to the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that is becoming enforceable on May the 28, 2018. The new regulation also requires our customers to take some actions to meet the new requirements and below we run through the different responsibilities.

With GDPR, individuals right to privacy will be strengthen by fortifying existing directive on data protection. GDPR defines rules and guidelines for collecting, storing and processing personal data.

GDPR applies to all business processing personal data of European residents.

Individuals benefits from the GDPR

  • Empower – Strengthens individuals rights to protection of their data
  • Security – A updated regulation to keep pace with technology and enhance protection against unwarranted use of personal data
  • Unify – Harmonise  laws inside and outside the European Union

Vergics role

To keep things simple, Vergic collects and stores personal data, and we comply with the GDPR regulation. Before collecting personal data Vergic always asks for consent. The data is securely encrypted and stored for our customers. Vergic are the Data processor but our customer is always the Data controller. Therefore, our customer has a big part in the responsibility to follow regulation!

Also, in many cases Vergic acts as placeholders that pass data to customers (Data controller) without storing it. Individuals can always on request have their personal data erased (if stored) on our servers.

Vergic and Vergic’s customers required commitments and actions

As a “Data processors”, Vergic will comply to the regulation in detail but to fulfil  the full GDPR our customer who is consider as “Data collectors” also needs to take action

We have compiled a document that points out GDPR from Vergis perspective and actions to be taken by our customers.

This is not a complete analys or ”Todo”- list for our customers but will give you a leap start to fulfil the GDPR.

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