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Vergic Engage Platform

– a solution for every phase of the customer life cycle

Provide the ultimate any-channel experience in every phase of the customer life cycle. Vergic Engage Platform makes it easier for your customers to interact with you, buy more, come back, and buy again. Our platform is used for lead generation, sales conversion and customer service. Each application solution serves as the tool used by agents.

It’s from within each application that all engagement with and/or communications towards the customer, a queue or the website visitor takes place. All application solutions enable queue and case management.

The Vergic Engagement Platform consists of several components working together in an integrated, scalable and flexible solution:

  • Visitor plugin
  • Workspace
  • Application solutions
  • Standard features
  • Automated and agent-assisted functions
  • Big data and analytics
  • Statistics for actionable insights
  • Message broker, adapters and integration
  • Adapters and professional services
  • Messaging
  • AI/Bots
  • Custom SLA / Private Cloud

Platform overview