Engage with customers online

Vergic technology helps foster collaborative, useful connectivity between site customers and owners via personalized real-time online customer engagements. Your customer’s — who are activley looking for new ideas, inspiration or better ways to solve the tasks they face — can gain highly-relevant information efficiently by themselves. Or enjoy personal, engaging online interactions with your customer service agents. Whatever market sector your business or organization operates, we enable you to gain unity and engagement with your online customers. And make IT personal.

 The Vergic Engage platform allows site owners and customer service agents to engage with individual customers, prospects or visitors online and in real-time. Sites identify and build profiling data based on an individual prospective or existing customer’s on-site behavior and interests, then use algorithms for customer engagement for lead/sales conversion or customer support. These act as automated and agent-assisted solutions for lead generation, sales conversion and/or customer service and can be based on a wide range of opportunities or problems (examples shown above). An open technology cloud-based platform, the Vergic Engage platform easily integrates customer on-site behavioral data with those from CRM, BI, ERP, ICT, CMS and other systems.