Powering personalized real-time
online customer engagements
Customer engagement value: three phases

Customer engagement value

It’s all about personality. Stop targeting the mass audiences and start engaging with your relevant visitors on your site in real time. Be personal and help them resolve issues and feel inspired. Empower them to make well informed decisions. Chat with prospective and existing customers about what is important to them right now.





Turn your site visitor into a qualified prospect by identifying his preferences, interests, actions and behavior in real-time. Discover how our engagement platform enables your marketing and lead generation.



Understand, guide and convert your prospects into a customer during his decision-making process using personalized, real-time and relevant offers. Let us show you how our engagement platform powers your sales conversion.



Turn your first-time customer into a satisfied, loyal client and fan by efficiently resolving his individual issues and questions using collaborative, real-time support. Explore our engagement platform focused on your customer service.

The above describe the value base you tap into using Vergic customer engagement technology. It powers collaborative, useful customer engagement by uniting the two sides of a site: a potential or existing customer with a website’s customer service agent or support professionals. It acts as an interface for dialogue, exchange and collaboration to share information, resolve issues and more — online and in real-time.