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Contact Center Integrations

Vergic facilitates product interoperability with any other third-party solution, so our customers are able to implement “best-of-breed” solutions from market leading IT manufacturers. As well as gain vendor independence, i.e. freedom to scale, expand and exchange existing products with other vendor’s products. As important, you can always maintain and prolong investments in their existing solutions.

Out of the box, the Vergic Engage Platform incorporates a modified enterprise message broker (EMB) in providing connectivity and universal data transformation for service-oriented architecture (SOA) and non-SOA environments. So customers of any size can eliminate costly point-to-point connections and instead benefit by using real time processing regardless of platform, protocol or data format.


Contact center integrations:

CRM integration:

Messaging integrations

  • Facebook messenger
  • Skype
  • Hipchat
  • + al mayor messaging apps

Examples of scenarios for integrating the Vergic Customer Engage Platform with surrounding systems:

  • Embedding your CRM tool for extended customer information
  • Updating or creating information to surrounding case management system with dialog information 
  • Integration towards ICT systems for agent operability and efficiency
  • Integration towards Knowledge Base tools and FAQ
  • Flexible adapters for enterprise applications
  • Connect to any SOAP or REST web service
  • Complete ODBC and JDBC database connectivity
  • Large Data Volume support for record-breaking speed
  • Source Validation checks and filters data on-the-fly