Features & Add-Ons

Our engagement Features and Add-Ons makes it possible for your organisation to engage with your online customers and callers with a ‘digital first’ approach.

Our features are bundled in four solution packages:

  • Co-browsing: Visual guide and assist your customers
  • Advanced chat: Interact with you customer trough Advanced Chat and Co-browsing
  • Digital Engagement: Act on individual customers behaviour, value and journey in any channel
  • Chatbots: Automate meaningful dialogs. Build and train AI- or Menu bots in ‘Vergic Bot Trainer’
Pricing & Solution packages

Features Description Packages
Co-Browsing Advanced Chat Digital Engagement
Co-Browsing Visually guide the customer trough web processes. Highlight and share documents. No software installation required! Yes Yes Yes
Phone to Digital Connect an ongoing phone call or site visitor to a shared agent assisted web session. Visually guide customers trough web processes. Highlight and share documents. No software installation required! Yes Yes Yes
Webform Collaboration Assist visitor in web form processes. The agent can read data data and highlight areas and errors without re-loading or submitting the page. Yes Yes Yes
Device Independent Works on all modern, commercial computers and phones Yes Yes Yes
WCAG compliance Supports creating WCAG 2.1 AA compliant UI for visitors to make it accessible to people with disabilities. This includes support for keyboard navigation, focus handling, defining text labels for graphical UI elements, support for screen readers, etc. Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Chat Chat widget & Contact banners: “In-page”, highly customizable and device independent chat widgets and contact banners. Agent tool: Advanced agent assisted chat tool optimized for high volume chat requests. no Yes Yes
Dynamic Shortcuts Pre-defined shortcuts the agent can use to navigate customer, send files, show videos etz. These shortcuts are case type related for effective case management. no Yes Yes
Canned Response   Define, use and send pre-defined standard chat messages to the customes during chat dialogs. Configurable per skill group and case type related for effective case management. no Yes Yes
Responsive Design Browser and device independent chat widgets and contact banners. Interact with any online customer without Technologies and UX limitations no Yes Yes
Queue Management Dynamic handling of contact offers (‘Chat banners’) based on service agents availability, opening hours and workload. no Yes Yes
Proactive Rule Engine Act on your site visitor’s behavior, journey and customer value. By setting up engagement rules and triggers, you can segment your site visitor and choose to interact in the most efficient channel for that specific customer, time and case type. no no Yes
Personal Site Messaging Display customer specific content based on customer meta data retrieved from external CRMs. no no Yes
Dynamic Banner Content Display different messages and campaign offerings depending on customer behavior, history or URL patterns. no no Yes
Custom Design Custom design on contact banners and chat widgets to follow your brand identity. no no Yes
Extended Reporting Access to extended statistical view. Possibility to create customized report and export data. no no Yes
Multiple Skill Groups Organize your staff by competence. A service agent can be members in many skill groups. no no Yes
Localization of UI The service agent’s workspace and can be set to local languages on user level. Chat widgets can be configured to native languages for site visitors. no no Yes
Workforce Monitor Monitor you service agents workload in real time. no no Yes
Chatbots Build AI- and Menu chatbots and train them in the ‘Vergic Bot Trainer’. Stable NLU service that supports most common languages. Visually build conversational flows with drag and drop features. The Vergic Engage platform can also act as a stat UI for external chatbots such as IBM Watson. no no Add-On
Callback Configurable based on the visitor’s case whereupon automatic prioritization takes place in the call-back queue no no Add-On
Dedicated Hoasting Vergic Engage solution hosted on a dedicated, private tenant in the Vergic Server Center. no no Add-On
Digital Voice Use Phone or Webcall to handle customer interactions. no no Add-On
Document sharing Allows agent and visitor to share document and files in a safe way. Depending on configuration the agent can share predefined documents or upload from his/her own computer. The visitor can also be allowed to upload specific file types from his/her computer. Add-On Add-On Add-On
SaaS Public EMEA Tenant, US Tenant (note: private tenant is available) Add-On Add-On Add-On
External Cloud Hoasting Vergic Engage Platform hosted in customer’s own server center, or at your Amazon AWS instance. Add-On Add-On Add-On
External Messaging Communicate with customers asynchronously trough Facebook Messenger, SMS and other leading IM apps. no no Add-On
Multiple Sites Administer multiple configurations for different sites within the same account. no no Add-On
Multi-part meeting Invite and authenticate a third part into the dialogue. The function supports chat, video and voice. no no Add-On
On-Premise Run Vergic Engage solution in your own data center. Add-On no Add-On
Salesforce App Switch seamlessly between your existing Salesforce channels and Vergic Advanced chat, video and co-browsing. All without changing Salesforce interface. no no Add-On
Scheduled Web Meetings / Digital lead gen. tool Offer your customer times lots in calendars to book online advisory digital meetings with experts in your organization. no no Add-On
Screen sharing Allows your agents to share their whole screen OR specific applications to the visitor in a realtime seamless feed. Add-On Add-On Add-On
Secure Visitor Authentication Secure authentication (Reverse proxy, OpenID Connect, ‘Mobilt bank ID’) and dialogues. Enables possibility for the agent to assist and collaborate in a secure session with the customer. Add-On Add-On Add-On
SSO   Vergic Engage Enterprise supports single sign on Add-On Add-On Add-On
Vergic Integration API   Provides access to Vergic Engage message broker architecture. For CRM integrations. Add-On Add-On Add-On
Vergic Plugin API Boost agent’s productivity with your own plugins. Extend the agents toolbox and enrich the dialogue with external applications, tools or data . Add-On Add-On Add-On
Video- & Audio Chat Use video and/or audio to communicate with customers. Video/audio can be used both 1- or 2-way. Add-On Add-On Yes