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Vergic Engage Business & Enterprise
Vergic Engage Business/Enterprise are designed for organisations with high requirements on on-line engagement rules and often with a multi channel approach. The difference between the versions lies mainly in that the Business version is packaged so that even smaller organisations can take advantage of the more advanced functionality of the Vergic Engage PlatformEnterprise customers might also have high volumes of web visitors and customer interaction, complex security or operational requirements, multiple service layers, provide support in multiple languages or cross markets or brands.

Vergic Engage Basic
Vergic Engage Basic enables smaller sales or service organisations to get the benefits of an advanced engagement platform. All organisations that has a sales or customer service organisation will benefit from the rich feature set including text chat, plug-in free co-browsing and possibility to also combine telephone calls with co-browsing

Web ChatIntegrated, pop out and pop up free Chat with advanced agent assisted toolsYesYesYes
External messagingCommunicate with customers asynchronously trough Facebook Messenger, SMS and other leading IM appsnonoAdd-on
Digital VoiceUse Phone or Webcall to handle customer interactionsnonoAdd-on
Salesforce AppSwitch seamlessly between your existing Salesforce channels and Vergic Advanced chat, video and co-browsing. All without changing interface.nonoAdd-on
Video- and audio chatUse video and/or audio to communicate with the customer. Can be utilized both one and two-way. The agent switches seamlessly between available channels (text, audio, audio/video)noAdd-onYes
Chat BOT’sIntegrate your existing BOT’s or build new ‘Vergic’ BOT’s in the Vergic engagement flow to act as virtual agents or assist agents in a blended BOT/agent conceptnonoAdd-on
Visual Guidance
The agent can see (and navigate) the visitors current webpage and with the help of advanced co-browsing tools assist visitor in complex web processes. Vergic has a state of the art solution for making this co-browsing extremely simple to handle for both the visitor and the agent. It does not require any additional plugins or downloads to operateYesYesYes
File sharingAllows agent and visitor to share document in a safe way. Depending on configuration the agent can share predefined documents or upload from his/here own computer. The visitor the can also be allowed to upload document from his/here computer.Add-onAdd-onAdd-on
Screen SharingAllows your agents to share their whole screen OR specific applications to the visitor in a realtime seamless feedAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Webform CollaborationCollaborate and assist visitor in web processes, through web forms etc. The agent can read  data data and highlight areas and errors without re-loading or submitting the pageYesYesYes
Phone to digitalLink an ongoing phone call to a web session, i.e. combine the phone call with visual guiding on the website Learn more hereYesYesYes
Send chat content as e-mailProvides possibility for the visitor to send the content of a chat dialogue as e-mail to themselvesYesYesYes
Dynamic ShortcutsConfigurable shortcuts, “drag & drop” in the form of links, documents, films etc., that can be adapted according to competence group (competence groups in Vergic Engage)YesYesYes
Standard TextsDefine, use and send pre-defined standard chat texts to the other party during text chat dialogs. Configurable per competence group in Vergic EngageYesYesYes
Responsive DesignThe Solution will automatically adapt to visitors deviceYesYesYes
Extended statistical reportingAccess to Vergic Engage statistical views & interface. Possibility to create customized reportsnoYesYes
Multiple designsDifferent visual design on different sites noYesYes
Language localisation for service agents and customerWorkspace UI in native language that can be set per service agent. Customer UI available in all language (also Chinese).noYesYes
Workforce MonitorMonitor agents workload in real timenoYesYes
Real time analysisMonitor visitors on your web pages, dashboard/views for real time and historical statistics of visitor behaviournoYesYes
Advanced Rule EngineUse the Vergic Engage Rule Engine to define content and context sensitive engagement rules for more relevant visitor interaction. The Vergic Engage Rule Engine allows you to leverage on existing web content and web integrations to design a highly adaptive, proactive and individualised engagement solutionnoYesYes
Dynamic banner contentLink peripheral systems to Vergic Engage and and take advantage of the system’s banners and rule enginge for campaign offering, FAQ contents etc.noYesYes
Multiple Competence groupsStreamline processing based on specific competence groupsnoYesYes
Proactive Interaction rulesDefine behaviour, target specific individuals through proactive interaction rules. Reach out and engage with individual web visitors proactively from a separate queuenoYesYes
Customizable statistical reportingAccess to downloadable data for custom reportingnoYesYes
Save chat content as PDFWhen sending chat content as an e-mail is not secure enough chat content can instead be saved as a PDFnoYesYes
API/Integration connectorProvides access to Vergic Engage message broker architectureAdd-onAdd-onYes
CallbackThe function is configurable based on the visitor’s case whereupon automatic prioritization takes place in the call-back queuenoAdd-onAdd-on
Multi-part meetingsInvite and authenticate a third party in the dialogue. The function supports 3-party text chat, voice and videonoAdd-onAdd-on
Scheduled Web Meetings / Digital Lead Generation ToolOffer your customer times lots incalendars to book online advisory digital meetings with experts in your organizationnoAdd-onAdd-on
PDF/ Application sharingProvides possibility for the agent to share, collaborate on and/or jointly filling in parts of a pdf or application (win 32/64 applications)noAdd-onAdd-on
Dedicated Log in serverOffers increased access control. A dedicated login server also offers the ability to restrict server access, i.e. to certain IP addresses or IP rangesnonoAdd-on
Secure visitor authenticationThe Vergic Engage Enterprise Platform supports secure authentication (Reverse proxy, OpenID Connect, ‘Mobilt bank ID’) and dialogues. Enables possibility for the agent to assist and collaborate in a secure session with the customernonoAdd-on
SSO IntegrationVergic Engage Enterprise supports single sign onnonoAdd-on
On-Premise or in an external cloud serviceVergic Engage Platform hosted in customer’s own server center, or at your Amazon AWS instancenonoAdd-on
Dedicated hostingVergic Engage Platform hosted on a dedicated, private tenant in the Vergic Server CenternonoAdd-on
Vergic plugin APIBoost agents productivity with your own plugins. Extend the agents toolbox and enrich the dialogue with external applications, tools or data bases

Vergic AI/BOT ServicesGet the most from you AI/BOT’s by using our AI/BOT services for integration. nonoAdd-on
BOT interfaceDress your external BOT’s with a stat-of-the-art GUI for communication with your customernonoAdd-on
Vergic automation toolsA set of components to increase efficiency and quality of your service agentnonoAdd-on
Monthly price per user from* 50 €  Quotation Quotation
Cloud service and platform, monthly price from** 50 € Quotation Quotation

* Billed annually in advance. Capacity/concurrency  based user licensing also available, contact sales@vergic.com for quotation

** Billed annually in advance.

Prices for available additional modules depend on Version, hosting option and SLA


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