Digital Lead Generating Tool 'Book-a-digital-meeting' - Advisory meeting and workforce optimization

Don’t miss out on any opportunity by using Vergic’s lead generating tool ‘Scheduled web meetings’

Offer your customer time slots in calendars to book online advisory meetings with experts in your organization. Meet authenticated customers in a safe environment. Once in the meeting the expert and customer can collaborate digitally. Together they can co-browse (visual guidance), complete web forms, share documents and choose between voice, chat or video.  

1. Experts in your organisations are made available trough calendars that are offered to your customers on your web site.

2. Customers can book time slots for advisory meeting at a convenient time. The customer will receive a meeting link for self administration.

3. The customer follows the link to start a online meeting with the Expert. During the meeting they can share screen, switch to video and exchange documents.

An interface for your customers to meet your experts

Getting the best competence available directly on request is often not the most efficient solution. In many cases the expert dosen’t work in the front line of customer service. A scheduled online meeting gives the customer and expert a better chance to have a efficient meeting.


A customer is offered times slots for advisory meetings. Different calendars are offered depending on the subject. The customer self manage the booking by a meeting link that he/here receives by email. The expert logs in and can see the booked meetings for his/here group. Minutes before the meeting the meeting links get active and the customer can enter in a digital meeting with the expert.

Balance your workload

By offer your site visitors calendar with time slots when Customer Service is buzzy or outside opening hours you never miss any opportunities. You can also offer only high value customers time slots by setting rules in the Vergic rule engine.

The ‘Scheduled web meeting’ feature also helps with workload balance for your team if you offer time slots on ‘slow’-hours. 



Don’t miss out a lead if your experts are:

  • Buzzy or outside opening hours
  • The right competence is not available in that moment

Workforce optimization:

  • Distribute contacts to periods where your sales reps/agents have less workload.
  • Collect customer information in a pre-form to prepare the meeting
  • Meet customers when its suites both parts best.
  • Let the customer self administer the meeting by the meeting link (cancel/update)
  • Great for more complex sales processes that requires more than a simple chat
  • Not forcing customers to travel for a booked meeting is good for the environment and customers everyday life.
  • Safer personal environment than a ‘live’ meeting.
  • Cost savings when going from physical meetings to personal digital meetings.

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