Financial & Insurance services Build deeper, longer-lasting relationships with its clients Financial & Insurance services Build deeper, longer-lasting relationships with its clients

Financial & Insurance services

Online customer engagement builds satisfaction

Today’s business climate continues to be tough, increasingly fast-paced and hard-fought battles are commonplace in today’s competitive financial service marketplace for everything from banking, insurance and accounting to investment firm, brokerages and beyond. So serving and retaining customers is as important as ever.

Customer service is a key means to create a competitive edge. Customers today want to more self-service options and tools, such as online banking, online support, mobile applications and more. They also expect highly personal service: financial and insurance needs should never be a surprise to you. All of this is why financial services firms must work to build deeper, longer-lasting relationships with its clients. This calls for making customer conversion and loyalty building processes more efficient.

The challenge

The same key to both processes is ensuring each customer enjoys the feeling good service. Preferably, in real-time with minimal agent assistance. That demands ensuring relevant answers, information and support forms are made easily accessible in whichever channel that is convenient to and preferred by customers. So it starts with making sure customers find the answers, forms and files they need in your databases and service process.Client profile and customer history must help guide the steps in the business-to-client conversation or self-service experience to make the customer experience targeted and efficient, and make the most of every cross-sell opportunity.

Our approach

The more you learn about your prospects and customers over time, the better you are able to meet their needs. And the more needs and demands you will be able to fulfill and resolve. Our platform enables you to a complete view of the prospect/customer profiles and online behavior and interaction histories.  Customer history—prior transactions and communications in any channel with you is incorporated to personalize the customer experience. The key is to work in a proactive mode, gaining insights to the collected and behavioral data about the prospect/customer and then based on this aggregated view connect in a personal fashion. You will be able to build customer loyalty by assisting with complex product and service decisions, create up- and cross-sell as well as increasing lifetime value.

With our platform your agents will be armed with a state of the art engagement platform ready for the new consumer demanding of you to be treated in a personal and high value fashion.