Ramps up the experience Online engagement Ramps up the experience Online engagement


Old school marketing was about shouting loudly to audiences. Modern marketing is based on a simple principle: a customer is not a target and should be listened to carefully through engagement. The focus is on developing relations with and communications through the customer. This is how Vergic customer engagement technology supports marketer’s today.

Vergic customer engagement technology allows you to monitor, adapt to and influence the behavior of prospective and existing customers online and in real-time. Two examples: it identifies when a visitor is ready on a high value section of your site and/or in need of support. Once detected, automated and/or agent-assisted personalized customer engagement solutions ramp up the interaction experience.

Vergic Engage for lead generation

Marketing exists to generate leads, help convert prospects into customers and transform one-off customers into loyal clients and enthusiasts who are willing to recommend your brand to others. Attracting prospects to a website or tradeshow booth is simple enough for the majority of marketers. However, most new, cold leads are not yet ready to engage right away. Therefore the goal is to make the most promising potential customers identify themselves. This saves often scarce and always costly personal resources from chasing cold leads or spending time on people who may or may not be do not influence buying decisions. Moreover, not only can cold leads risk getting lost, ignored or snatched up by competitors. You also can irritate and repulse them via email bombing and online popups.

The solution: Right message, to the right person, at the right time

Sharing useful, relevant and inspiring content, experiences and interactions. This is the key to first qualifying prospects – then convert them in to customers and referrals. That is what the Vergic Engage platform lets you do.

How Vergic Engage Platform benefits marketers:

Increase lead qualification rates

  • Identify prospects and manage the conversion process using notices based on potential customer’s on-site behavioral actions
  • Full tracking of customer activity levels (tier 1/2/3) and agent availability
  • Identify high-value visitors or existing customers active on your site in real time
  • Monitor search terms, paths traveled, pages viewed, etc. so you can identify the best candidates for engagement
  • Increase conversion of visitors to qualified leads with proactive/reactive engagement tools (chat, knowledge base, etc. ) to pre-qualify leads

Optimize acquisition marketing

  • Increase your marketing investment by only targeting prospects likely to be persuadable by marketing communications.

Reduce website abandonment rates

  • Proactively connect to visitors that are about to leave your site due to poor user experience (complex information structure, surveys, webforms etc.).

Increase your sites average order value

  • Engage the relevant customers who are in a buying process
  • Harness the power of your sales team and optimize their time by connecting them to prospects active in a buying mode
  • Show relevant products and/or send automated offers

Analyze and optimize your customer’s online journeys and communications

  • Combine multiple customer data sources to create a single view of your customer.

Align offers and resources With Market Opportunity And Customer Needs

  • Exploit geographic insights to intelligently deploy resources for customer service and new product rollouts.