Functional tasks

The functional backbones of the platform are:

  • Monitoring: of each visitor’s on-site actions, interactions and specific data points
  • Profiling: building and scoring data specific to an individual visitor (whether unknown, known prospect or known customer) and their online behavior saved as a customer profile card.
  • Opportunities for customer engagement. These are configured events to start online engagements when point-of-interest opportunities are matched.
  • Solutions for customer engagement. These are actions taken upon opportunities for customer service, sales conversion and lead generation, CRM optimization, etc.
  • Outcome: marketing attribution and analytics to evaluate customer engagement performance,

Automated and agent-assisted functionality

The Vergic Engage platform is configured to set opportunities to trigger customer engagement solutions, either automated or agent assisted. The engagements include:

  • Automated content: shown as banners, vouchers, coupons, special offers, etc
  • Agent-assisted functionality: chat, call back functionality, filling out forms and fields, site guidance and more.

Queue management

Individual queue visitors can be automatically linked to match available agent’s skills and language, for example. While the same visitor in queue can be seen in multiple agent lists, each administrator can lock the customers they decide to take care of. The agent works from the top of the list, similar to a traditional telephone queue. An administrator can also be assigned to multiple queues based on their identified areas of expertise.

Case management

Customer service has the ability to specify which type of case falls within agent-assisted dialogue. For each case type, custom auto-texts and shortcuts are available. Case types are also used to measure the customer engagement output and outcomes, and to resume or hold together dialogue from previous sessions.

Case management is also designed to be able to download files from surrounding systems as well as create and update issues in surrounding systems linked to a text, audio or video chat in the Vergic Customer Engage Platform.

Language Support

The workspace can be accessible in various languages. The platform can detect the active language used on the website. Each agent can select which language(s) they can work in. The customer seeking assistance is then automatically assigned to the agents who share the visitors language.


In order to make changes to the platform, a person must be assigned as the role of administrator. That person can then log in to the Vergic Customer Engagement Platform and use its configurator to change the account configuration. The configurator is built as an app in the Vergic workspace. Some of the items that can be set up or changed include:

  • Competence groups
  • Cases
  • Autotexts
  • Banners
  • Dynamic actions (text, docs, video, audio)
  • Form sharing