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Big data is the foundation for creating business value

With integrated storage, analytics, and applications, Big Data helps drive efficiency, quality, and personalized products and services, producing higher levels of customer satisfaction and experience. A massive amount of data can be captured, stored, managed and analyzed by the Vergic Engage Platform — it is all accessible at any second on any day. 

Big data characteristics can be mined and analyzed according to:

  • Volume: large amounts of data
  • Velocity: speed of availability and analysis
  • Variety: structured and unstructured, complex or basic, static or dynamic data.

The Vergic Engage Platform has been optimized to support and secure big data by using NoSQL databases and an integrated message broker system. This allows mining of both real-time online behavioral and history data from the Vergic message broker as well as via external databases.

To accommodate the high volume of data and its unstructured nature the platform uses MongoDB, a NoSql data store, to persist and query data. To store and analyze the huge amount of unstructured data, technologies like MapReduce and sharding are the foundation of the data tier. These technologies ensures a sound performance even with extreme amounts of data.