Hello sales opportunity

The proof is out there. Personalization technology powers online retailers to increase conversion rates and average order value. As well as to build and maintain relationship databases based on actual consumer behavior data. Many retail organizations are spending vast amount of dollars to offer their customer extraordinary experiences. Though, many are unable to prioritize and engage their prospects as much as they want to do. This may result in the consumer reaching out to a competitor for completing the purchase.

The challenge

The retail industry has never been more fragmented than today. From discount warehouse to upscale department stores, corner mom&pop-stores to mega e-commerce sites, buyers are better informed, less loyal, and in general very self centered. Many organizations are attempting to balance product, price and service sensitivities, while protecting margins; to ensure great online shopping experiences.



Our approach

Taking advantage of cross-channel interactions to better understand your prospects and customers, personalize and improve their experiences, is quite another, our solution for retailers are designed to optimize your service operations and make the most of every  interaction in every channel, in every way.

The key

Ensure your agents have access to a single platform which lets you collect and intelligently leverage behavioral data about your prospective customers. Then, based on the identified sales and/or service opportunities, use customer engagement solutions to outline sales or service conversation process modules in both automated assisted by sales agents modes. Not only could agents use the sales modules to guide and quickly respond to actions and preferences of visitors and consumers – all in real time, while evaluations and decisions happen. We help you take advantage and connect with your online customers and thereby sell to more of your website visitors, raise the average value of orders and increase customer loyalty.