Let us help you Our solution is GDPR ready - are you? Let us help you Our solution is GDPR ready - are you?

Keep control over your user dialog data

Our data storage options respects your customers integrity and follow your countries data law when handling personal sensitive data. With the current anti-globalisation trends around the world, the awareness of data storage has increased and as one of the few online engagement suppliers, Vergic can offer the following data storage options:

1. On your own servers (“On premise”)
2. Local datacentre 
3. Private Cloud solution
4. Cloud solution (according to Swedish and EU regulations)
5. Configurable automated deletion of sensitive data

Every government has regulation on data storage and with the current anti-globalisation trends spreading around the world this is also of concern for those companies that values customers integrity and security trough local storage of data. Also… All parts in a dialog can be verified by ’Secure authentication’ witch increased security and traceability