Travel and hospitality

Boost online sales. Increase customer loyalty.

The travel, hospitality and industry is going through an unprecedented period of change. Organizations within the industry are faced with increasingly complex issues on operational excellence, branding, growth and emerging technologies. Consumers and business travelers alike are hooked on the sheer convenience and cost advantages of researching travel options and booking online. In many surveys Online is the preferred channel for consumers therefore it is crucial to serve them with a personal and efficient dialogue online.

The Challenge:

With workforce costs skyrocketing, and retailers and wholesalers squeezed on margins, operational efficiency has become crucial to profitability. Also taken into account that the gap between customer expectations on support and what phone-based support can deliver is greater than ever. This will continue to widen as internet-based technologies achieve even greater proportion. Plus, with the growth of social media as a consumer forum and complaint box, the impact of a negative customer service and call center experience has never been faster or more wide spread.




Our Approach:

Our Vergic Engage Platform streamlines your existing business processes with your customer communication channels to enable consistent and efficient customer experiences at every touch point. When personalization means saying goodbye to yesterday’s “aim broad, miss many” sales and marketing approaches our platform gives you a holistic understanding of your customers across multiple channels. It enables you to better understand the preferences and interest of each individual consumer. You gather data covering real behavior such as: each site visit, each click-through, each shopping cart placement, each order, each booking, each purchase and more. This tells a story of each individual’s visitor’s preferences, interest and actions and with all the relevant customer information at their fingertips, your agents can better respond to customer needs and can easily identify and act on opportunities for up- and cross-selling.