High Tech

Customers reach out from many places.

These days, consumers are faced with an incredible selection of communicational choices and  trends like “Bring Your Own Devices” and “Bring Your Own App’s” are impacting the way customers in general are approaching high tech companies. As lines between phone, mobile and Internet increasingly blur and product offerings tends to be similar amongst businesses, companies like Telecom/IT are enduring tremendous challenges with customers who wants personal and engaging experiences developing into relationships.

The challenge

In adapting to a rapidly substituting marketplace, high tech companies today are humanizing and tweaking their business models. Engaging customers is a lot more complex today. Social networks have made the world smaller, further removing geographic barriers, opening up entire new markets, and creating new competitors. Key business drivers focus on becoming more customer centric, creating operational collaborations to efficiently package and deliver innovative products and services while broadening brand value and build customer loyalty. These are all great goals, though when looking into how customers respond we find business in an uphill.


Our approach

The key is letting our platform help improve your communication and interaction with end users, identify and resolve issues quickly, and deflect issues to self-service wherever possible. Telecom & IT sites delivering more personal and efficient online experiences. That is not only the base for boosting conversion rates, increasing average order value, minimizing sales costs, improving customer satisfaction levels and fostering greater shopper loyalty. It is also at the very heart of what our Engage platform are designed for and enables you to.

With the Vergic Engage Platform you can:

  • Provide consistent, real-time support and information across multiple channels, touch points including social media
  • Increase your average revenue per customer
  • Gain a single view of customers experience and satisfaction across your online channels
  • Enjoy a fully customizable platform to seamlessly match your branding and communication
  • Reduce repetitive inquiries with a 24/7-365 self-service site with a contextual and intelligent knowledgebase
  • Create value added services for customers to differentiate you from the competition
  • Strongly improve your customer service efficiency with integrations towards existing systems like CRM, CMS, ICT etc.