Boost your agents with your own functionality.
Pull and send data to external systems.
Vergic API & Plugins
Boost your agents with your own functionality.
Pull and send data to external systems.
Vergic API & Plugins

Vergic API and Plugin

With a set of APIs you can build your own features to boost your service agent and extend the platforms functionality by sending or pulling data from external system.

Available APIs:

  • Visitor Messaging API
    • connect Vergic Engage with Social media platforms (Facebook etz.) or other messaging services
    • on request
  • Routing API
    • route visitor requests to external systems
    • via AMQP
    • Out-of-the-box connectors for: inContact, ININ and Trio
  • CRM/Realtime monitor/Agent provisioning API
    • transfer a stream of case records including metadata and conversation to a external CRM
    • for external real-time monitoring of performance and state
    • via AMQP
  • Vergic Workspace API
  • Statistics download API
  • Desktop plugin API 
    • add agent functionality
  • Visitor application client API
    • add visitor functionality
  • Single sign-on API
    • SAML2
  • AI/Bot API
    • use Vergic Engage as a State Interface with a GUI
    • integrate external Bot services
    • on request

For more information about the Vergic Engage plugin concept please contact us.

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API example 1: “Demo of AI/BOT assisted respons suggestions & NICE inContact Integration”- plugin

InContact Advanced Chat BOT assitant from Vergic on Vimeo.

API example 2: “Knowledge base”- plugin

In the video below you see a “Knowledge base “-plugin sample that “listens” to the different chat dialogs. The plugin then makes real-time lookups in a external database and suggest relevant responses to the service agent. The service agent can then select a response by clicking on it:

Demo of Vergic Engage plugin concept from Vergic on Vimeo.


API example 3: “Hybrid AI/Human chat”-plugin

This plugin allows a conversation engine/AI/BOT to assist a live agent in a dialog. The plugin can be set to ‘manual’ to just suggest a proper response or to ‘auto’ to work as a fully automated bot.

During the dialog these settings can be changed so that if the dialog is more in a transactional state (standard questions) the BOT can complete the dialog while the Live agent engages in a new chat. The plugin can work with any AI/Bot technology:

Hybrid Human/AI chat demonstration trough Vergic Engage plugin from Vergic on Vimeo.