Digital Voice Use Phone or Webcall to handle customer interactions

Digital Voice

Vergic Engage can handle both Phone and Webcall´s. The voice requests are managed in the Vergic Desktop together with other channel types. By combining Digital Voice with our Engagement Engine you can also offer the most efficient channel for every customer interaction.

Vergic Digital Voice allows your customers to:

  • Call you for free on your webpage trough Webcall using the web browser
  • Call you on your webpage with a landline number using ‘Click-to-call’
  • Call you on a landline number on a ‘regular’ phone

Service agents can:

  • Open a cost-free voice channel in an ongoing chat session
  • Assist a caller by co-browsing, share document and complete forms together
  • Call a landline number to reach the customer from the Vergic desktop
  • Transfer a landline call to a web call with ‘Phone to Digital’ to share a web session
All voice interactions, both from Phones and Webcalls are managed in the Vergic Engage Desktop UI along with other contact channels

From ‘IVR’ centric to ‘Digital first’ Engagement centers

Web call or Click-to-call has been available for many years but it’s only when its combined with a digital engagement platform you can use its full potential.

Traditional phone solutions force these customers offline and don’t take in consideration what type of channel that would be the most efficient for that specific interaction.



The Vergic Engagement Engine lets you understand the customer’s intent. Based on your business rules the most efficient channel is then chosen for that specific interaction.

Studies show that 60% of callers start their journey online and 40% are still on the webpage while calling. You need to consider this before offering your customers voice channel.

Maybe a chatbot is more efficient in this case? Maybe the best solution is to book an online meeting with an expert that is available on a certain time. Maybe the voice channel only should be offered to high value customers?

Read more about “IVR centric to ‘Digital First’ Engagement centers” in this blog post.


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