The Vergic Engage Product Suite

The award winning Vergic Engage Platform allows businesses to proactively engage with their web visitors in real time and seamlessly switch between Live Chat, Video, Voip or Phone. The integrated co-browsing functionality lets you leverage on both existing web content, web processes as well as other specifically tailored content creating a highly personalised customer experience in every customer interaction. 

Vergic Engage Platform comes in three versions, Vergic Engage ChatVergic Engage Chat+ and Vergic Engage Enterprise. The three versions are tailored to give any organisation with the need to meet and engage with customers and visitors on-line the opportunity to use Vergic Engage, no matter of size or type of business.




Vergic Engage Chat and Chat+ are a feature rich and scaled down versions of Vergic Engage Enterprise, our world leading engagement platform focused on Enterprises and larger organisations with a multi channel approach to sales support and customer service.

  • All Vergic Engage are available from a state of the art datacenter, build from the ground up for cloud services.
  • EU and US standard clouds services are available.
  • Dedicated hosting and on-premise solutions are available for clients with special requirements.
  • Vergic standard and dedicated cloud services offer hosting inside EU/Sweden and supporting the Swedish PUL legislation.


Vergic Engage Chat

Use text chat to interact with your customers. Combine the co-browsing functionality with text chat as well as phone to collaborate with all your customers on all devices with no installation.

Vergic Engage Chat+

All the features of Vergic Engage Chat+ adds the possibility to use Video and Voip in a dialogue. The Chat+ package also adds functions for managing and optimizing the effectivity of a team.

Vergic Engage Enterprise

Vergic Enterprise is designed for organisations that offers complex products and services or have large product portfolios. It also offers the possibility to design intelligent and adaptive interaction rules. If you have huge amount of visitors and customers, large customer service organsasations, complex security- or operations requirements, multiple service layers or provide support in multiple languages this is the product for you

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