Copenhagen municipal improves customer service with contextual chatbots from Vergic

A study showed that 9 out of 10 physical meetings booked through where unnecessary and could have been solved online. By offering citizens a self-service chatbot; time and recourses was saved for both organization and citizens.

Citizens of Copenhagen turns too for guidance in many types of cases. Some of these cases requires a physical meeting at a service-point but most of the cases can be solved where the customer journey begins: in context at the website.


Too many options made it hard for the visitor to find the right answers and resulted phon calls, emails and unnecessary physical meetings. Instead a guiding chatbot was introduced offering contextual help.

Dense page content makes site visitor reach for the phone

The challenge for the web site visitor has been to locate and digest the information at the website. Many visitors took the shortest way to get answers by contacting customers service witch lead to increased workload and time-consuming travels.

Offering a contextual chatbot with ‘Quick options’ helps

The conclusion after user testing was too offer ‘Quick options’ as buttons in a chat dialog; A chatbot appears on the webpage and offer the visitor a range of contextual options related to that specific webpage.


By condensing and letting a chatbot present contextual ‘Quick options’, the visitor found it easier to get the right actions for their questions.


  • Less workload for Customer support
  • Higher first contact resolution
  • Less travel (important in Covid-19 perspective)
  • Time- and resources saving for both citizen and organization

This way the visitor never has time to get frustrated and reach for the phone but instead can chose from a range of most common actions presented by the chatbot.

By offering a self-service chatbot the workload on customer service was reduced with 14% in the tested case types.

Major improvement possibilities in many more cases

The team behind this pilot are very satisfied with the result. The solution was applied on some isolated key processes on Copenhagen municipal will now evaluate its potential on a big scale implementation.

This project was performed together with our danish partner Sptizeko and the Municipal of Copenhagen during spring-summer 2020.

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