Digital inclusion

A challenge for many companies and the public sector these days can be to include all people in their online strategy. Giving people access to internet is just not enough. They also need to help people to go online and make them capable of using and benefiting the whole potential of the Internet.

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To motivate people going online needs access to Internet and help them to see the good things that can come out of it. There is today still a fear of using internet for some people which usually correlates with their ability to use Internet. We would however like to point out that even experienced visitors on the web could be in need of assistance on the web.  We at Vergic believes we can help people to use Internet better and motivate them by building up trust and skills.

Since Vergic Engage Platform gives the ability of visual guiding and sharing forms together in real time through personal interaction, we can help people to overcome these challenges. Our solutions are made for supporting people on the web. We agree that  everyone should be included digitally, but to get there they are going to need assistance.

Vergic is leading the digital inclusion in the Nordics with secure authenticated digital meetings and we are supporting the largest departments within the public sector.

Check back soon for our upcoming video

Vergic is currently producing a demo video to show how public service customers use Vergic to conduct remote video meetings secured by digital ID to save time and effort for government and citizens. In the meantime please review how our friends at Swedish Social Security Services are conducting secure, private dialogs with Swedish citizens: Digital Trends from Sweden