RiksTV improves its customer service with Vergic

RiksTV, Norway’s only TV distributor offering digital TV and HDTV via antenna, have implemented Vergic Engage Platform and improved its customer service. With Vergic, RiksTV’s customer support can handle several parallel dialogues, resulting in faster and better customer service.


RiksTV reaches 98 per cent of all households and almost 90 per cent of all holiday homes in Norway and delivers TV and on-demand services, via antenna and internet, to approximately 515 000 customers. As one of the main players on the Norwegian market and with high standards when it comes to customer satisfaction, RiksTV decided to improve its customer service by implementing Vergic Engage Platform. The solution went live in November 2014.

“We are very happy with Vergic’s solution. It has increased our service level and our customer service department can now reach out to more customers as they can handle several dialogues simultaneously. Consumers visiting us online now receives help more promptly, and we can guide the customer to relevant information online,” says Kristian Schüffner, Head of Customer Service.

Today, RiksTV’s customer service handles incoming requests such as technical issues or questions about the offering via the Vergic customer support solution. Customers who previously contacted customer service via e-mail are now using the online channel communicating directly more and more.

Next step for RiksTV is to implement a more proactive approach. Concretely this means that Vergic’s solution can analyse online visitors and proactively contact them when they seem to be in need of help, for example in the purchasing process.

”Our platform helps companies in various ways, such as build consumer engagement and loyalty or increase conversion rate. RiksTV is on its way to create a very modern and consumer-friendly customer service, based on the one-stop-shop concept which means seamless integration of sales and support,” says Alex Lunde, CEO, Vergic.

Vergic Engage Platform is a cloud-based software platform that helps companies improve customer relationships and increase sales. Vergic technology acts as an interface for site owners to engage directly, personally and in real-time with each individual customer using agent-assisted functions like chat and co-browsing as well as automated functions.


For more information, please contact:

Alexander Lunde, CEO & founder, mobile: +46 761-36 68 33, e-mail: alex@vergic.com
Jens-Petter Gjelseth, Head of Information RiksTV mobile: +47 908 0108

About Vergic

Vergic customer engagement technology powers more personal, relevant, enjoyable and efficient online customer support and shopping experiences — in real-time, on any device. The Nordic region’s leading customer engagement provider, our Vergic Engage Platform is intelligent cloud-based software that turns any web page into an interface for engagement using chat, text, video or audio. Vergic is privately owned, headquartered in Malmö and has over 15 years experience conducting business and building relationships online. Vergic makes IT personal.