Using Redux, React and Immutable to solve customer problems

– After Work Seminar, 23 may, 17:30

There are many frameworks and libraries for JavaScript. The development time for web apps has decreased significantly and the developers can be more efficient than ever.
But once the product is available, companies and developers are faced with a problem that still is a major timesink, bug reports!

These bugs can be hard or even impossible to solve based on the information from the clients. Even with detailed descriptions and screenshots there are still many invisible factors. In this talk Anders will demonstrate how Vergic remedies this problem.

SpeakerAnders Corlin is a web developer at Vergic. Anders is a seasoned coder who has been programming for 30 years. He likes to experiment and mix different ideas and concepts.

He has been involved in numerous projects over the years doing mobile applications, backend solutions, AAA video games and much more. He has a knack for UX and machine learning.


17.30 – Meet & Greet

17.45 – Presentation

18.30 – Break with something to eat and drink

19.00 – Presentation part 2 – Q&A

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