Vergic Joins the DACH Market with Kompaktwerk, the Digital Engagement Specialist

We are excited to announce our introduction into the DACH market with Kompaktwerk, our specialist partner. Together we will drive the frontline of digital engagement and deliver digital services that are more profitable for the customer.

Kompaktwerk is one of the most successful, and major, digital engagement partners on the DACH market, with a great deal of experience, from digital messaging to business processes.

With their track record and experience we will “hit the ground running”. Because of this partnership we will be leveraged to offer the best digital engagement solution on the DACH market.

“We were looking for a partner that was well established at the frontline of Digital engagement, we found a perfect match in Kompaktwerk and their professional team.”

Alexander Lunde, CEO, Vergic

“We have an overall understanding of the customers’ need for digital services because of our more than 10 years experience in digital engagement. We found the right solution with Vergic’s digital engagement platform which provides the features and functions for delivering successful services to our customers.”

Joerg Feldmann, CEO

About the Vergic Engage solution

Business owners can offer targeted support, or sales, via advanced chat and video, or SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp messaging to site visitors, with the Vergic Engage solution. By tracking visitors’ behaviour and offering support at the right time, with a properly skilled agent, we dramatically increase the efficiency of online sales and customer support. In addition, the platform is able to collaborate with Chatbot Solutions.

The solution immediately directs visitors to the most cost-efficient communication channel, as well.

Communication goes smoothly, and service costs are reduced by 50%, with engagement tools such as “advanced chat”, messaging, “video”, co-browsing and “form assistance”, and the customer is still left with a better user experience.

Additionally, an organisation’s data protection needs are in focus.

“Looking at the European market we have seen a big change in the requirements for data protection and localisation by businesses and organisations. Data protection, and the ability to choose your own software infrastructure, has been the focus over the last few years because of the ‘colder’ political landscape. Together with Kompaktwerk, we offer a solution in which your ‘dialog data’ is stored in the manner you want in order to protect your end customers’ integrity, and by the specific laws of a country.”

Stellan Kristiansson, MD

About Kompaktwerk

Kompaktwerk is the leading digital agency of “Chat & Messaging Services” in Europe. With more than 10 years of experience Kompaktwerk belongs to the pioneers in customer engagement with Chat & Messaging. For global customers Kompaktwerk, implement and operate digital sales & services “end2end”.

This means we delivering operation excellence through our customer value manager who optimising the full customer online sales & service process and train your chat agents. Kompaktwerk specialists build and integrate your Chat & Messaging solution on the world leading digital engage platform of Vergic Engage.

About Vergic

At Vergic, we help people enjoy more personal, engaging and efficient experiences online.

We also help businesses and public organisations optimise their communication with their online visitors. We enable them to proactively and in real-time create valuable connections with their online visitors through personalised and relevant dialogues which boosts online sales, reduces service costs, increases customer satisfaction and exceeds the customer’s expectations.

Our Vergic Engage Platform acts as an interface for sites to share information, resolve issues and collaborate with customers — online and in real-time. This increases customer satisfaction levels, boosts lead and sales conversion rates, improves agent efficiency levels and streamlines costs by providing high-level multichannel customer service.