Enghouse Interactive and Vergic Announce Partnership

Enghouse Interactive, the world’s leading suppliers of solutions for customer communications, and Vergic AB, innovative developer of customer communications for the web, announce a strategic partnership in order to collaborate in the creation of the most comprehensive contact center the market has to offer.

“Contact center is a branch undergoing a lot of changes where people’s demands for digital communications methods shape the landscape for how businesses and organizations meet their customers. The latest technology provides all new opportunities for businesses to have a personal, effective dialogue with their visitors. The partnership with Vergic is a good fit because both companies are driven by innovation and value-adding functionality for our markets. Together, we create market-leading coverage and a functional depth for contact center that works in both the world of telephony as well as the internet,” says Michael Stubbing, Managing Director West & Northern Europe at Enghouse Interactive.

Enghouse Interactive, with its long history of platform-independent communications solutions for contact center and operators in conjunction, has the customer base and partner network to reach broad segments of the market. Vergic has extensive experience with developing and implementing innovative methods allowing businesses to communicate with their customers on the web, with a focus on radically streamlining the process for the company’s customer dialogue, and boosting e-commerce by providing unique tools to increase conversion rates and thereby improving return on investment.

“We are pleased to be increasing our cooperation with Enghouse on a broad front. Enghouse products within contact center fit extremely well with Vergic’s innovative technology for personal and effective dialogue with customers on the web. Enghouse products complement Vergic’s, forging a perfect platform for taking care of all current contact center needs. Our partnership means that we gain a partner in Northern European with a strong position that makes it possible for Vergic’s products to reach a wider market,” says Vergic’s CEO, Alexander Lunde.

The collaboration means that the products Trio Enterprise and Vergic Engagement Platform will be integrated and offered on the market under the Enghouse Interactive brand Trio.


For more information, contact:

Michael Stubbing
Managing Director West & Northern Europe
Enghouse Interactive AB
Telephone: +46 8 457 3035
Email: michael.stubbing@enghouse.com

Alexander Lunde
Vergic AB
Telephone: +46 761 36 68 33
Email: alexander@vergic.com

About Enghouse Interactive
Enghouse Interactive, the leading supplier of solutions for better customer communication, develops and supplies the widest range of platform-independent solutions for customer communications. Their integrated suite of solutions includes omni-channel contact-center solutions with operator functionality, call forwarding, self-service, recording functionality, visitor management and statistics. These solutions provide companies and organizations with the ability to communicate with customers according to their wishes, quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

Enghouse Interactive has more than 3000 customers in the Nordic region, with offices in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, as well as a presence in Finland. Enghouse Interactive is a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited, a software and services company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol “ESL”. Founded in 1984, the company has since proven successful and profitable, having grown both organically and through the acquisition of market-leading companies. 

For more information, visit: www.enghouseinteractive.se


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