Are you forcing customers offline?

How many times have you tried to buy or solve something online ending up calling the company or organisation? CX and Digital Transformation are really nice words…. but to many companies and organisations are failing with the basics.

Author: Jan Wärmlind, Director Business Development

There’s a reason for why customers are online and there are many advantage’s if they stay online. To many companies can’t offer customers support when they are online unless they pick up the phone and make a call. If they call, 9 out of 10 times the person picking up the phone is “running blind”. They can’t see what the customers are looking at having a hard time supporting the customer. In worst case this will lead to a customer who will think “phone first” next time.

How many of your customers are online while they are calling you?

A study from CEB in the book “The Effortless Experience” states that “58% of a company’s inbound call volume comes from customers who first were online and almost 35% were still on the web while talking to the company’s representative!


Two easy steps to improve CX and speed up your Digital Transformation is to:

  1. Monitor your customers in real time, understand their online journey, act and support with chat at the moment of need.
  2. If they fail online and call your support the person picking up should be able to connect online while talking to the customer, having the capabilities to see were the customer is, show them around if needed supporting them on their digital journey. This can easily be done using a phone to web/mobile solution. Two easy things that will improve CX, increase first time right and secure that the customer will start online and stay online.