Get better results with our new UX/UI design

We are happy to announce the release of our new Chat and Banner design. The new standard design is more aligned to today’s design trends and UX. The code behind has also been optimized witch results in less work for our partners when configuring. 

Though ‘standard design’ doesn’t sound that sexy it’s important to have a high level of design standard to start with. Out of the box the new ‘standard design’ is well aligned with modern design trends and easy to adopt to your websites with a few adjustments in colours, icons and CSS.

The new main benefits:

  • A modern, clutter free and efficient look-and-feel
  • Improved user experience
  • Easier to configure
  • Better matching of users expected behaviour on a chat application

The challenge to blend in and stand out

Talking to Stellan Kristiansson (UX/UI designer) he explains:

“The new design aligns discreetly with almost all modern web sites thanks to its calm and clutter free look. ‘The chat’ is a tool that shouldn’t dominate the design but instead blend in and call for your attention when needed. With the new design we accomplish this in a much better way than before.”

Still fully customizable

Vergic Engage is known for its possibilities to customise the ‘look and feel’ on the chat panels and banners. That has not changed and customers with more extreme design requirements can still get fully customized design if needed.

Partner friendly

As a partner you can expect faster configuration and setups for your customers. The optimized CSS and the new modern look-and-feel will make the delivery phase quicker and with the need of less support. Contact us for more information on how you utilize the new design.

Existing customers

The new design will not have any impact on our existing customers design. But… we think this is a great opportunity for you review and maybe update your design. Contact us and we will help you do this.

Screenshots (click image to zoom)

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