T-Mobile adds millions of new user to Google Messages by making it the standard chat app in new mobiles

Google has launched its own ‘Messaging’ protocol which amongst many things allows customers to start a chat directly from the search results on google.com. This channel is one of many channels that can be managed by Vergic’s dialogue tool.

Author: Stellan Kim Kristiansson

This will be a new way for companies to meet their customers but will require a change and new strategies as customers do not take the detour via the company’s website for contact or purchase.

However, it has been a slow start and very few companies today offer their customers Google Messages as a channel on Google’s results page. Instead, one insists on using the telephone as the only channel, an analogue contact route that forces the customer off-line.

Now T-Mobile chooses to make Google Messages its standard chat app on its new phones, which will increase customers’ expectations of companies to offer it as a channel.

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