Hot of the press: Digital Trends from our friends at Försäkringskassan

In the media it is all about self-service, do it yourself and never ending focus on big data, automation, avatars and other digital possibilities such as FAQ’s etc. But when you are dealing with individuals who are in need, perhaps it is better to approach it from another perspective. A human perspective where you are able to invite your visitors into a real-time interaction, though hosted in the digital world through chat, video, and of course also using the phone when guiding the online visitor on your website.

Fråga Hanna

Our friends at Försäkringskassan, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency are turning the table. They have just released news on going the opposite way, turning away from avatars and have decided to retire their customer service avatar agent named Hanna at the end of 2013.

The retirement is due to the development of Försäkringskassans new personal approach called “Personal Web Meeting”. The Personal Web meeting is an engagement platform created for live engagement on their site. The platform makes it possible for their visitors in real time to interact with Försäkringskassans customer service who then are able to help the visitor as if it was a real life meeting through chat, video, audio and visual guidance within the web session.

As Försäkringskassan are stating on their website, they will start with one process and learn from these interactions getting visitor feedback. After this, several other processes are in the road map for further development.

The first process where Försäkringskassan are implementing the solution is for their visitors who are applying for “activity support” as well for those having problem logging in to the section called My Account, or having other technical problems.

We find this incredible interesting that an authority like Försäkringskassan takes this approach, stating that they for sure is world leading in how they interact with their customers and visitors.

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