Get inspired by some ongoing Vergic BOT projects

The interest in Vergic BOT technology has exploded lately. The reason is the Vergic BOT framework in combination with our engagement platform delivers some rare and powerful BOT functionality. As you will notice our BOTs is focusing on assisting visitors in web process and not just in simple FAQs.

The Vergic BOTs (or external BOTs working trough Vergic BOT API) does not only answers simple FAQ questions – though if it’s very good at this. Equipped with the same tools as a human agent the BOTs can assist in advanced processes

In combination with co-browsing the BOT takes over time consuming processes like ”Login help” or “Customer data collection”. Once the dialog is prepared by the BOT it can be handed over to a Live Agent. The BOT also steps in to finish up and categories a dialog. This saves a lot of expensive time for the live agent. Our BOTs can also works as a assistant to the service agent, listening in to the dialog and suggests actions.

So what’s cooking?

Let’s run trough some business case that we and our partners are working on:

Clas Olsson
Swedens biggest online hardware retailer:

  • Login assistance: The BOT helps customers to log in to their ”My pages” by “co-browsing” and ”Highlighting”
  • Dialog preparation: The BOT collects the required info from the visitor before handing over to a Live Agent to save time
  • Order status check: Once the customer is identified the BOT answers questions about a specific order
  • General FAQ: The BOT answers simple questions but hands over to a Live Agent if it can’t find help the visitor


Elisa the biggest telecom retailer in Finland and have/are trained the BOT to solve the following cases:
  • Invoice management: The customer can ask the BOT about personal invoices and the BOT is allowed to grant later due date
  • Dialog preparation: Before the a Live Agent is engaged the BOT sees to that the customer is loged in and verified. This is done by co-browsing and textual support witch saves expensive Live Agent time
  • General FAQ: The BOT answers simple questions but hands over to a Live Agent if it can’t help the customer

IF Metall

One of the biggest union organisations in Sweden:
  • Personal assistance (step 2): The BOT will answer customer specific questions about membership and invoicing after verifying the visitor
  • General FAQ (step 1): The BOT answers simple questions but hands over to a Live Agent if it can’t find the answer

As you can see – focus is not on answering simple FAQs like many other BOTs do. That would be wasting your money because this is already well handled by Google indexing or FAQ solutions. Instead our focus is to let our BOT help out in different customer web processes. Here is where you can save most time and money and take use of Vergic BOT technology.

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