Telenor in-store staff meets customer online in safe digital sales meetings

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, many physical stores have been abandoned by customers and left in-store staff redundant.  At the same time, the need for communication services has never been higher.

To tackle this unique situation, Telenor has found a quick solution that allows in-store experts to meet with customers in a safe digital environment so business can continue.

In-store staff are made available for online sale

The customer’s behaviour has drastically changed, and many prefer or are forced to online alternatives. To meet the increasing amount of online requests and to follow governmental protocol a quick change in workload was needed.

Vergics “Scheduled web meetings” was configured on and the in-staff was educated in the new online sales tool. The whole project was configured and live in less than two weeks.

How does ‘Scheduled web meetings’ work

Instead of meeting Telenor’s sales reps in physical stores, customers can book an online meeting. The sales reps logs in to Vergic Engage and are served with scheduled contact requests from customers.

Once in the online meeting the sales reps can activate video to demo products or co-browse the customer on the Telenor web shop to find the right product.

Making the most out of your resources in times like this

Giving the in-store staff the tools and possibilities to move from physical sales to online sales is a great way to utilize resources. Not only in time of crises. Also under more ‘normal’ circumstances stores have ‘slow hours’ that can be better used by giving store staff the option to man up the web.

Do you want to know more?

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