Authenticate your customers in the chat dialog

Authenticate your customers in the chat widget

Vergic is now launching a new and easy way to verify customers/visitors with Secure authentication (Mobilt BankID) directly in an ongoing chat.

Previously, it was required that customers who wanted to be assisted via chat only could get answers on general questions or they had to be logged in via BankID before starting a chat. With this new feature an advisor can when needed activate a secure authentication of the customer directly in the chat dialog when it starts or whenever needed during a chat conversation.

How does it work

When an advisor or sales rep needs to verify a customer in an ongoing chat dialogue they are now able to start an identification process directly in the chat with just a click on a button. The customer enters the social security number and verifies via BankID using a smart phone or other device. When the customer is verified, the advisor or sales rep will be notified and can enter into binding agreements directly in the chat or help the customer in a more efficient way by accessing customer information from a CRM.



The safety standards we support:

  • OpenIDConnect
  • Oauth
  • BankID
  • SAML2

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