Increased interest in Vergic Engage Secure Authentication feature (Mobilt BankID)

The need to fully identify with whom you have a dialogue with has increased. More customers are asking for a safe way to identify and to carry out sensitive errands without leaving their digital context. Therefore, more and more customers require a tool or platform that can support ‘secure visitor authentication’ (in Sweden called ‘Mobile BankID’).

Today it’s not only the largest authorities or banks, but also retailers who see the benefits with a secure visitor authentication. Customer clubs are starting to use secure authentication to avoid registering and having to save customers’ passwords, which is a security risk. It’s both safer and easier to let the customers legitimize themselves and in the same time increase their experience.[activecampaign]

97,5% of swedish citizens have Secure visitor authentication (BankId)

Vergic has supported Secure authentication for several years from now. The Vergic Engage Enterprise Platform supports secure authentication (Reverse proxy, OpenID Connect, ‘Mobilt BankID’) and dialogues. Enables the agent to assist an identified customer and collaborate in a secure web session.

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