Digital engagement pioneer ‘Vergic’ celebrates 10 years in business

From a small startup in Malmö, Sweden to an enterprise product that is operating on several markets, Vergic is now a well-established and leading company in the digital engagement business community.

“Celebrating our 10-year anniversary in this disrupted and ever-changing market is a proof of our adaptation skills and rare insight in CX processes. Staying in this business for so long is a recognition from our customers, and we are proud to be working with so many top brands and organisations”, Alexander Lunde CEO

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”

Vergic was founded by Alexander Lunde and his brother Fredrik Lunde along with Johan Ringsberg. While working with ‘check out’ optimization for online stores, they noted that in this delicate part of the customer’s journey, the customers were left alone if a problem occurred, resulting in unnecessary dropouts and frustration.

The solution was to offer ‘Live help’ in the form of chat for those customers that experience difficulties. Engaging with the right customer at the right moment and connect them with an agent with the right skills.

“But there were just no good tools out there so we decided to build our own”, says Alexander

He adds:

“Surprisingly – 10 years later, many online stores and organisations still leave their customers alone during critical processes and do not take advantage of digital engagement techniques as ‘Vergic Engage’ which is resulting in huge income lost.”

10 years of development and improvements

From a simple chat tool, Vergic Engage has evolved into a digital engagement platform on an enterprise level, helping millions of customers to have a more meaningful online experience.

The combination of proactive chat (rule-based) with co-browsing and video in combination with document sharing and high-level security have opened the door to both leading commercial business and governmental institutions.

It started in Malmö, Sweden…

From being a local business, Vergic now operates on several markets. US, DACH, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are some of the markets that have been opened with the Vergic partner program.

The future of Digital Engagement

So where does Vergic go from here? How will the Vergic Engage Platform evolve? Alexander Lunde explains:

“The world of digital engagement is in a big change. It’s an exciting time with all the new technologies. The introduction of Artificial intelligence and BOTs will disrupt how we work with CX and result in more relevant and efficient dialogs. There are huge challenges for companies and organisations to adopt to customer requests on modern messaging, but for those who adapt – the payoff is huge. Vergic has come a long way from being a simple web chat to becoming a modern ‘proactive AI-supported messaging platform’. Our platform is already prepared for the new technologies and will leverage your business/organisation results. Vergic Engage enables exploration of these technologies in a safe customer-centric environment that helps overcome the challenges.”

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