Episode 29: Reflections from Call & Contact Center Expo 2019 – London

One major event each year is the Call & Contact Center Expo in London which attracts all mayor vendors on the market.

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Automation, Automation and Automation

To no surprise, automation was the hot topic this year and the buzz word was ‘Bots’. Different this year was that you could sense feeling of ‘sober up’ on the expectations. The market has matured and realized that introducing Bots and AI to your workflow and business is challenging and we still have a long way to go before handing over control to Bots without a fallback on human service agents.

Bots need to be trained and AI is far from a ‘self playing piano’. That, said we saw many good examples of using bots. Most in simple use cases as FAQs and ‘data retrieving’.



We did not see any examples of more advanced process support as our own Vergic Bot solution deliver. Most Bot’s still seems to lack the tools that live agent has. Here our own Bot’s seems to have an advantage because our Bot can use co-browsing, highlighting and the same tools as an agent to create a efficient digital meeting.

Voice-bots and Co-bots

Many customers only see Bots as ‘chat-bots’. Now wonder because these and simple IVR where the first on the market. Now a world of voice bots is entering the scene with Amazon’s Alexa and Googles Home.



These voice bots are fare from the IVR voice commands and companies have to add a extra dimension to their AI/BOT strategies in a near feature to meet customers’ expectations on omni channels assistance.

Lack of Bot interfaces

We learned that Gartner have about 750 Bot vendors they are evaluating. That is a lot of competition and technology. How can these Bot vendors also match the other complex processes needs in a CC platform? There is a great risk that customers invest in dead-end technologies.



That’s why our solution Vergic Engage Plattform is very competitive.

Vergic Engage Platform is also a Bot interface for external bots. If a customer wants to replace their current Bot – they don’t need to replace the whole engagement platform. They just replace the Bot with another one. That said, Vergic has its own efficient Bot if needed but what’s our USP is that we can host al kinds of bots within our Engagement Platform. We got a state interface and UI for them.

Our partners

It was also great to meet our partners and resellers. RingCentral who sells NICE inContact CC platform where our technology as Advanced chat is integrated and also our new and growing partner TalkDesk witch both had busy days on the expo.

See you next year!