New feature: Build your own agent boosting plugins

With the new Vergic plugin Api you can build your own functionality and tools to leverage your service agents efficiency. Introducing the Vergic plugin concept dramatically effects Vergic customers possibilities to tune Vergic Engage for optimal results.

As a customer to Vergic you don’t have to wait for functionality to be invented by us – you can add your own features to cover your own business specific needs.

Alexander Lunde, CEO at Vergic explains:

“To foresee all our customers needs is impossible but allowing our customer to enhance the Agents desktop with their own plugins closes that gap.”

The possibilities are vast but some good examples for agent boosting plugins are:

  • AI/BOT integration
  • Knowledgebase real-time lookup
  • Translation support
  • Get, display and save customer data from external system
Read more and see demo videos