Brands are spending most of their money bringing people to their online stores, but once they are there, zero is spent on converting them

When marketing is in charge of a company’s website, they tend to put all the resources into pulling customers to the website. For every $92 spent on campaigns to bring visitors to the website, only $1 is spent on converting* the customer once they are there.

*Source:  Econsultancy

What’s the use of a fancy looking website if you leave the customers, whose shopping bags are full, alone without assistance? Instead, this is the way it should be done:

Break the barrier between Sales and Marketing

Traditional marketing is about generating leads, but if you spend all your budget on this you won’t have the resources to care for the customer when they need you on the website. The common goal is conversions.

Maybe it’s about how marketing has its own agenda. Marketing flexes their muscles by attracting as many unique visitors as possible to their company’s website. Maybe it’s a lack of experience; you can’t anticipate the correct customer behavior.

Whatever the reason, you’ll need an engagement platform that responds to your online customers’ behavior and offers assistance to secure a good conversion.

Offering a helping hand via a digital meeting (proactive chat or video chat); not in every case and not every time, but when a potential customer is in doubt and ready to convert, this is the right way to go.

At Vergic we have seen an increase in conversion from 4% to 23% during the checkout process when a proactive chat is offered.

In most cases, it’s a good idea to bring the marketing and sales teams closer together and balance the budget more between ‘Pulling customers’ (pre-onsite) and ‘Converting customers’ (onsite).

It’s difficult to build a relationship with someone you’ve never met

Companies are always looking for ways to improve their conversion rate. Unfortunately, this is most often done with a focus on self-service and automation; they forget that it’s about relationships, the human contact that builds successful brands.

Stop thinking about B2C or B2B for a minute. Think about Business to Human, B2H; it’s about our wanting to be assisted (connected) rather than sold to (disconnected). As humans, we have a common need to interact with each other. You can’t and should not try to replace it when building brands.

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Make IT Personal – The Vergic Way

By monitoring your online customers’ behavior, Vergic Engage can determine when and with whom you should interact, and what channel is most efficient at that given moment.

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Here are some basic, but most efficient, examples that will give you ROI in a short time:

  • Proactive offer a live chat to your high value customer when they are about to drop out from the checkout. This will increase your conversion rate. We have seen a increase from 4 to 24%
  • Let a bot handle common time-consuming processes, such as log-in problems or invoice management. This frees up your live agents so they can focus on an important human meeting, the best effect of which is building your brand and customer satisfaction
  • Cut way back on expensive emails and phone calls by adding ‘intelligence’ to your ‘contact page’ which prioritizes a chat before other channels

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