Increased interest in Vergic’s private cloud solution

Enterprise solutions are many time required to run in a privat environment. The problem is that very few engagement platforms are designed to run on this setup. Vergic’s software architecture have made us to one of few exceptions and it has proven to be a popular strategy.

Higher demands require a more advanced solution

The Vergic Engage Platform is running on several private clouds for some of the biggest governmental organizations and commercial companies.

There are many reasons for running your solution in a private cloud:

  • Geo: companies are forced by laws or policy’s to store data and run software in a specific geographical location
  • Data protection: A private environment allows more custom security and possibilities to integrate with other systems
  • Performance: A solution hosted in a privet environment is less sensitive for disturbance by other installations
  • Unique domain reference: The possibility to refer script to a unique domain

Different setup’s

The Vergic Engage software architecture allows different private environment setups:

  • On-Premise or in an external cloud service: Vergic Engage Platform hosted in customer’s own server center, or at your Amazon AWS instance
  • Dedicated hosting: Vergic Engage Platform hosted on a dedicated, private tenant in the Vergic Server Center

Are you considering a privat cloud solution or dedicated hosting?

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