Keep calm and don’t panic. We’re ready for “Black Friday”

The famous e-com shop bonanza is about to begin, on November 23rd. Our customers’ online checkouts will be packed with customers and products. Billions of server requests will hit our servers, but don’t worry; we’ve done this many time before and are well prepared.

For many service providers ‘Black Friday’ is the ultimate stress test on their servers and environment. The vast amount of data traffic almost doubles every year, it often gets to be too much, and the system crashes, resulting in lost sales and customer frustration. Many retailers are worried that subsystems will fail and take down the entire web shop.

Double our capacity

Vergic has always managed to keep its services online on ‘Black Friday’ and this year, to be even better prepared, we have added 3 additional servers, almost doubling our request capacity.

Mapping every site visitor’s behavior in order to perform proactive engagement and interaction with each site visitor is a challenge, but this year we will be sure to manage it as well.

Have any concerns or questions?

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us to make sure you have a successful Black Friday.

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