Vergic helps Clas Ohlson boost sales and satisfy e-customers

Clas Ohlson, one of Sweden’s largest retail enterprises, increases sales and improves customer service with Vergic’s solutions. How? By proactively working with customer service and always providing personalized service via Vergic’s chat and co-browsing functions in its real-time communication solution.

Clas Ohlson is one of Europe’s largest retailers and has 4,700 employees. Every day, Clas Ohlson helps clients acquire solutions for home projects. Do-it-yourselfers find their products in 200 brick-and-mortar shops, web shops, or in the classic Clas Ohlson catalog that is mailed out annually.

Proactive customer service lifts sales

Shortly after implementing the Vergic Engage Platform, Clas Ohlson found that customers who received the solution-based assistance made twice as many purchases as other website visitors.

“Our strategy is to be proactive,” says Elvy Axklint, Contact Center manager at Clas Ohlson. “We create initial contact with potential customers and then nurture the relationships with them—just like we do in our physical stores and other sales channels. The Vergic Engage Platform is business-critical for Clas Ohlson.”

The Vergic Engage Platform enhances customer service

Clas Ohlson implemented the Vergic Engage Platform because the company wanted to improve its web-based customer service. The objective was to make things easier for staff and to improve personalized guidance and assistance processes. Vergic’s platform lets Clas Ohlson employees communicate in real-time with their customers—in a personal way. Earlier this year, the Nordic eCommerce Summit recognized Clas Ohlson for enabling the industry’s best customer experience further proof of the company’s successful implementation of Vergic’s platform and improved customer service.


Clas Olson, display

About Clas Ohlson

Clas Ohlson was founded in 1918 as a mail order business in Insjön, Sweden in the Dalarna region. The company now operates in five countries and has about 200 stores—besides web-, catalog-, and telephone-based sales. Clas Ohlson helps customers find solutions suitable for their home projects, and offers a wide range of affordable products in the areas of construction, electrical, multimedia, home and leisure. Clas Ohlson AB is listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic. The company reports sales of SEK 6.5 billion and employs more than 4,700 persons.

About Vergic

Vergic is a Sweden-based software company that helps businesses, governments and organizations worldwide take better care of their online visitors. The Vergic Engage Platform—a patented cloud-based software platform—enables public and private operations to identify customers that need assistance—in real-time. How? By creating proactive dialogue with customers who need help; this, in turn, improves their perceptions of customer service. Using Vergic’s solutions, enterprises and government authorities get more satisfied, profitable customers. Vergic now serves about 85 customers such as CDON Group, Clas Ohlson, Sweden’s Social Insurance Agency and the National Employment Service.

Vergic’s sales occur directly and via partners. The company headquarters are in Malmö, and it has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Norrköping. Vergic has about 40 employees. In 2013, sales reached SEK 37 million.