Vergic digital lead generation tool

Do you have a hard time to find new customers, or identify and connect with potential customers when they are on your web/mobile website? Are you running a TM department with a low hit rate on outbound calls?

Author: Jan Wärmlind, Director Business Development

At Vergic we have a large number of successful implementations where customers are using “Vergic Digital Lead Generation”. The solution will give you the possibility to connect the right people in your organisation with the right potential customer at their channel of choice, scheduled when it works best for the both of you.

Less of “blind” outbound calls disturbing customers and a lot more of really qualified contacts where you and the customers are happy to connect.

“Vergic Digital Lead Generation” gives your employees and customers the possibility to meet in the best suitable channel for the contact, it can be voice, video and chat or a combination of the channels. During the interactions, you will be able to show the potential customers around on your web/mobile sites or any other product/marketing site. It’s great to see how customers are using easy to deploy digital solutions increasing their sales! Want to know more, just connect and we can give you a guided tour

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