Vergic and Humany in a strategic partnership

Vergic one of Swedens hottest IT-companies according to Computer Sweden have established a partnership with Humany.

This partnership opens up the possibility to develop and integrate a world leading Software-as-a-service-concept based on the notion that all web users are entitled to a better experience and service. The combination of Vergics internationally awarded software for personal real-time dialog and Humany´s leading software for intelligent online self service will revolutionize the way companies and organizations strategically will work with the web” says Alexander Lunde VP at Vergic.

Johan Lilja, Sales- and partner manager at Humany continues: “We see this partnership with Vergic as a natural extension of our customer offering. With this partnership we can now offer a broad range of solutions for personal real time interaction, something the market have been craving for a while now.” Analysis made by renowned Forrester and Gartner indicates the evolution of online self-service and knowledge management. It is no longer avatars with artificial intelligence that are in demand but rather multi channel platforms directed towards sales- and marketing departments.

Software-as-a-service-offerings for all flavors – Vergic Engage Platform combined with Humany´s solutions means access to several ready-made solutions for companies, public sector and organizations of all sizes. Based on the two companies experiences we have built different concepts to be able to offer world-class solutions from day one. The common platform means a huge cost saving while maintaining system functions and service levels for all types of customers. The platforms generous business model means that there is no large start up investments needed for the client, which gives immediate return on investment and cost-savings from day one.

– “We are looking forward to a long-term partnership with Humany and an exciting journey that will lead webservices for our common customers in a completely new direction.” says Alexander Lunde VP and Co-founder at Vergic.