The insurance company If becomes Vergic’s newest client

We are exceptionally proud that the insurance company If, the Nordic region’s leading property and casualty insurance company, has chosen Vergic and our Vergic Engage Platform for their web-based real-time communications. If has previously worked with a chat solution, but now has made the decision to invest in their customer relationships with a proactive chat feature for digital customer support.

If, considering its goal of having the most satisfied customers in the Nordic and Baltic region, is constantly reviewing their technical capabilities in order to provide efficient and effective customer support. In order to offer a proactive real-time dialog, If has chosen to begin using Vergic Engage for their chat and co- browsing.

Simplicity and to always be available via all channels with the right message together with a world-leading platform for process support, this is the future. If is continuously working to streamline and improve its customer service and customer satisfaction, and today has among its most satisfied customers Swede’s who use the Web extensively to find information and to manage any eventual claims process.

The Vergic Engage Platform is a global leader in software, which includes proactive chat combined with a patented co-browsing functionality. By using co-browsing, If will in turn be able to offer the possibility for improved accessibility and an interactive response for those customers who choose to use the Internet as their primary contact channel.

“We are proud to be able to deliver our Vergic Engage Platform,” remarks Alex Lunde, CEO and founder of Vergic. “We are confident that we can contribute to If’s growth with our mix of experience in the insurance industry, customer service processes via the Web, along with the depth and breadth of expertise we have at Vergic.”

Vergic is the Nordic region’s leading software provider specialising in web-based customer service. We deliver an intelligent cloud-based software that turns any web page into a full-fledged dialogue platform. Vergic helps its clients to communicate smarter and more efficiently with each individual web visitor. Vergic is headquartered in Malmö, and the company’s employees have experience with conducting business and building relationships online over the past 15 years.


For more information, please contact:

Alex Lunde, CEO & Founder, Vergic

Tele: 076-136 68 33