Introducing: Vergic AI/BOT services

Develop and train a AI/BOT is tough. Then you need a state service and GUI* for it to communicate with your agents and customers. Usually this is where the costs skyrockets. To gain value from start you need a AI/BOT interface to a existing Engagement Platform and Vergic provides one.

Your focus should be on building and train your BOT’s while the BOT state interface and GUI is our expertise.

Many companies try building their own BOT interface resulting in a redundant support solution with a never ending GUI maintenance. Some companies put their trust into Engagement Platform’s native BOT technology which is high-risk for a dead-end technology at this early stage in the ‘BOT era’.

‘Vergic AI/BOT services’ allows you to integrate your existing AI/BOT’s in Vergic Engage. If you want to change AI/BOT technology you just replace your AI/BOT’s – not the whole platform

The services offers a interface for your AI/BOT’s to work as agents or a agent supporting tool in our advanced Engagement Platform and with access to all advanced tools and statistics. The Vergic AI/BOT services also provide a state of the art graphical interface for your AI/BOT to communicate with your customers and service agents.

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