Vergic CEO on 2020

Soon 2019 has come to an end and this year has been fantastic. We’ve never been so focused and motivated to improve and develop incredible digital engagements and customer experiences to our customers.

By Alexander Lunde, CEO at Vergic[activecampaign]

We at Vergic understand the customer journey and the value of customer interactions. One of our goals is to keep digital customers in their context instead of forcing them off-line into an analogue voice channel. If a customer journey starts online, it should also be handled online. Your customers will be happier and the cost to serve them will be lower.

In 2020 we will intensify our work to encourage more companies and organizations to implement a Digital First concept.

What I’m looking forward to in 2020:

Digital voice

A customer should not have to wait in a telephone queue in 2020. Let them handle their errand digitally combined with digital voice if needed. The classic voice channel will die, instead the era of digital voice will rise and shine. The benefits of digital voice (web call) over traditional voice is that the customer gets help without having to leave the webpage. No more never ending IVR journey’s with pressing 1#, 2# or 3# depending on what they need help with. The Vergic platform understands where they are and what they need help with. Keeping your customers in their context is the number one priority of great customer experience (Read more about Digital Voice).

AI & Bot’s

1st line should always be a BOT specially from a support perspective. A BOT who can identify the customer, find out what the customer needs help with and guide the customer further. Letting the BOT handle the basic and simple questions will release qualified human resources. Recourses that can focus on complex cases and sales leading to an increase of the CX-experience.

Finally, we at Vergic want to wish all our friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

// Alexander Lunde, CEO at Vergic

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