How many online business deals do you miss every day because the customers either give up or are forced away to China?

The e-survey writes that 23 % of online customers during Q3 purchased products from foreign websites. Clothes, shoes and electronics were the most popular items, and we mostly shopped from China (36 %), closely followed by the UK & DE. 

Author: Jan Wärmlind, Director Business Development

Who attends to customers in stores?

An increasing amount of shopping is becoming digital, while the options for consumers are increasing. Competition has become global, and China is now only one click away.

With that in mind, I’m very surprised by how poorly e-commerce websites still are at attending to and supporting their customers. Most physical stores have staff, and even if might take time, one can usually get help from them.

Sometimes we forget how important human interaction is in the online world. Obviously, we want nice pictures, product information and a simple checkout procedure, yet most sites are glaringly poor at handling problems and when help is needed.

Why do we think that something that is not tolerated in a physical store is tolerated online?

Imagine that you’re in a physical store and have got a question – you ask for help and the staff responds by giving you a form on which you are supposed to write down the question, send it by post, for free, however you will only get an answer within 24 hours? Or you might get a telephone number to customer service where the staff doesn’t have a clue about what you need help with or where on the site you are currently at. Crazy, right?

A lot of companies force their customers to leave the website when in need of help

Today, most companies only offer e-mail and telephone as methods of contact, and thereby force their customers away from the purchasing flow rather than offering help via, for instance, a chat service, when any questions/problems occur.

According to a survey made by CEB, more than 60 % of all customers who pick up the phone and call a company’s customer service are “digital”, and 40 % are still online during the call!

How many online business deals do you miss every day because the customers either give up or are forced away to China?

We will gladly help you better understand where and when your customers experience problems online, and subsequently proactively assist in real-time and make sure the customer remains on the site when in, for instance, a purchasing flow. Vergics solution doesn’t only improve customer satisfaction and the online experience, it also increases the conversion rate in your checkout.

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